4×1.750 T. deck leveling equipment with 175 T. lateral thrust cylinders, stroke: 150mm 700 BAR

Customized hydraulics, your timing… our guarantee of success

The need to find a special solution by means of hydraulic cylinders requires a dedication and a deep study. Ferjovi designs and develops hydraulic engineering required to build your particular needs rather than committing unusual dimensions and specialized surfaces technologies.
Designed for the most demanding conditions, Ferjovi’s hydraulic cylinders meet the highest demands in safety, corrosion resistance and heavy works operation, ensuring we understand the demands of the market, regardless of the applications in question , offshore cylinders, marine cylinders, cylinders for civil construction, hydraulic cylinders for metallurgy …


Oriented research through manufacturing the first units of a hydraulic solution is an experimental and trial-error test stage which is necessary to internalize all needs and objective parameters to achieve, being at this REM stage where our engineering shows its true value: its talent.


Single acting hydraulic cylinders,  super-slim single acting hydraulic cylinders, spring return single acting hydraulic cylinders, plunger single acting hydraulic cylinders, single acting hydraulic cylinders with lock nut, hollow piston hydraulic cylinders, tilting saddles, pull push press, hydraulic hand pumps, hydraulic power units, hydraulic distributors, directional and auxiliary valves, electric or gas power hydraulic units
  • Single acting hydraulic cylinders

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  • Super slim s. a. hydraulic cylinders

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  • Spring return s. a. hydraulic cylinders

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  • Plunger s. a. hydraulic cylinders

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  • s. a. hydraulic cylinders with lock nut

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  • Double acting hydraulic cylinders

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  • D. a. hydraulic cylinders with lock nut

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  • Hollow piston hydraulic cylinders

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  • Hydraulic hand pumps

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Hydraulic power units | Ferjovi


These hydraulic power units are particularly suitable for running single, double acting and large hydraulic cylinders.
The goal is to generate the required pressure in the hydraulic fluid to move the piston cylinder. Hydraulic power units are manufactured by means of an electric motor in order to drive a pump, this pump will pressurized oil through the working and safety valves, towards a hose to reach a cylinder, the piston pushes and holds the load. The low weight of these power units also allows mobile use.

Synchronized lifting system | Ferjovi

We design and manufacture based on your needs electronic synchronized speed systems with touch screen and remote control (Electronic synchronized lifting system with touch screen and remote control) 


Synchronous lifting systems technical data sheet


Hydraulics sets | Ferjovi


If you need hydraulic accessories, hoses, couplers, valves, connectors or seals, Ferjovi’s hydraulic distribution line, has a wide range of solutions. We have stock and provision of all brands in the market. A wide range of hoses, according to different technical specifications, in order to cover all types of applications.
Hoses for hydrocarbons, hoses for abrasive products, hoses for chemical products, hoses for food products, hoses for the steel industry, water hoses, hoses for hot water and steam, compressed air hoses, gas hoses, hoses for various applications, flat hoses …
And if you are looking for something specific, we build customized pressure hoses by means of our own tools; pressers, hose cutters, seamers, manual and automatic presses…