Double acting hidraulic cylinders with lock nut


The double acting hidraulic cylinders with lock nut  safely manufactured in high quality steel. Hydraulic return. The double acting hydraulic cylinders safely are a variant that can lead Ferjovi all cylinders.

The portion of the rod out of the cylinder carries a lock nut threaded, allowing fix the cylinder under load in any position.

The mechanical lock cylinder is a double security, with the possibility of separating load the pump cylinder.

Fed remote manual or automatic pumps. Cylinders with locknut are recommended for large and medium powers and when to stay long under load in maximum security conditions.

Quality characteristics are the same as indicated in the other cylinders. The labor movement: When pressurizing chamber forward, the piston begins to move forward until it stops pumping.

When the return chamber is pressurized, the cylinder returns until pumping ceases



rns until pumping ceases