Grandes cilindros hidráulicos

Big hidraulic cylinders Ferjovi


Technical support for maintenance, modernization and repair

We are specialized in all sized hydraulic cylinders maintenance and repair. We supply spare parts, Ferjovi offers several efficiency improvements and functional adjustments through a service planning when equipments do not meet original expectations or efficiency should be extended up to a new specified one.

Our manufacturing plant develops modernizations by taking care of each case as a sole one to increase the shelf life and the efficiency of the equipments seeking to optimize consumption and improving their response … we repair chocks, reamers and small and medium sized cylinders, for all kind of applications.

Maintenance can be done in your own facilities, both preventive and corrective, offering a better adaptation to your needs and adjusted to your working rate, affecting as little as possible in your production.

Fast, efficient and reliable maintenance. Call us at +34 985 320 405 and we will help you.




Ferjovi, means of production

Ferjovi currently occupies an area of 2.500 square meters, where 1.500 are for manufacturing, having in our facilities a machinery equipped with the latest technical developments.

Designs and develops new products adapted to the latest technology, which together with the proved manufacturing quality, made under the ISO-9001 Company Registration, have made it competitive in the most demanding national and international markets.

We are able to develop our own service without relying on other companies due to the possibilities of the holding we belong to, which reduces costs and allows our independence in the final design of the project. We provide control, knowledge and quality through European products over the last 41 years, to remain at the service of those who trust in us day by day.


Machinery for chip startup

Machinery for exterior finishing

Machinery for interior finishing

Cutting Machinery

Welding equipment

Various equipment

Safety and quality of our production:

For a proper use of the equipment we recommend you to read carefully and to follow all safety indications included in the instruction manual of the hydraulic equipment.

  •   Fully supported cylinders
  •  Load always centered
  •  Keep clear of working in areas under loads
  •  Quick and clean couplers
  •    Not too bent hoses
  •  Lift only static loads
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