No need to DREAM

to DESIGN the impossible


Multiple hydraulic engineering enigmas can not be solved if you only master a discipline, if you only think from the viewpoint of a single subject, or if you think answers are hidden under a single solution. We are a hydraulic engineering generating hydraulic, pneumatic and surface treatment solutions, whose mission is the development, innovation, manufacturing and maintenance-repairing of systems, technologies and structures.



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HYDRAULIC engineering and DESIGN




Our mission includes a new approach to current designing models focused on computer simulation, rapid prototyping, manufacturing hydraulic solutions, systems and heavy machinery maintenance-repairing. We quantify the needs from the earliest conceptual stage to completion of the production process and on site assembling.



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SOLUTIONS, your timing… our GUARANTEE of success

Our ability to conceptualize and to design allows us to commit defining and manufacturing customized hydraulic solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each new project.

And if you are looking for specific technical features, see the possibilities offered by our products.





Technical support | On site maintenance

We are specialized in large cylinders repairing and maintenance.

Among our activities we include chocks, reamers and small and medium size cylinders repairing, for all kind of applications.



Maintenance can be done at your own site, intervening in preventive and corrective maintenance, offering better adaptation to your needs and adjusted to your working rate, affecting as little as possible in your production.


Machinery for chip startup

Machinery for exterior finishing

Machinery for interior finishing

Cutting Machinery

Welding equipment

Various equipment

For a proper use of the equipment we recommend you to read carefully and to follow all safety indications included in the instruction manual of the hydraulic equipment.

  • Fully supported cylinders
  • Load always centered
  • Keep clear of working in areas under loads
  • Quick and clean couplers
  • Not too bent hoses
  • Lift only static loads
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